Purchase apartment with lending from PRAVEX BANK in one step!


Despite of the fact that the architecture of the PHILADELPHIA Concept House embodies the best American traditions, some European features will not go amiss.

With new terms of the European lending from the PRAVEX BANK you may purchase an apartment in the very centre of Pecherskyi district and divide the payment for a comfortable period. The bank offers two lending options:


  • Unsecured loan is an option for the buyers, who already have a certain amount of money but need a bank loan for a full payment of the price of the apartment. An investor may apply for a loan up to 1 million hryvnias and repay the loan within 5 years. An interest rate is from 18,99%.
  • Loan secured by deposit is a mortgagee up to 15 million hryvnias and interest rate from 15%. If a customer has savings in dollars or euro, he may deposit it with the PRAVEX BANK and multiply his wealth at the expense of the currency rate increase. This offer is valid for a mortgage for the term of one year. The investor repays the loan interest within 11 months and in the last month withdraws deposit and pays the principal amount of the mortgage.

The PRAVEX BANK is a commercial bank with a foreign capital and international trust on the part of the customers. The bank takes care of reliability of the investments of its borrowers, so, it checks thoroughly a developer and examines permits for the facility.

In comparison with other companies, the PRAVEX offers affordable lending terms: absence of a fee, possibility of advance payment, compulsory insurance, additional discounts for individuals and private entrepreneurs working in the IT or medical field.

Visit our Sales Department in order to familiarize with full information about lending of apartments in the PHILADELPHIA Concept House. Address: 24A, Zlatoustivska Str.


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Purchase apartment with lending from PRAVEX BANK in one step!