Schools, kindergartens and cultural landmarks near PHILADELPHIA Concept House


19 Klovsky Uzviz – this is where our PHILADELPHIA Concept House is located. The residents will be lucky to have such location – the centre of Pecherskyi district with favourite landmarks, convenient transport interchange and not less convenient hiking trails. It is possible to reach a cafe, a restaurant, a nearby school, a bank, a shop in 10 minutes on average. Don`t believe it? Let`s note down the time.

Let`s start with schools and kindergartens – it is the first thing that residents pay attention to. Gymnasium No. 109 named after T.H. Shevchenko is located on 24 Panasa Myrnoho Street in 7 minutes from the building, and you have to go one minute more to reach the specialized school No.89, located on 4 Rybalska Street. If your child is engaged in music, then the school "Solomriya" on 8 Klovsky Descent, is perfect for developing his/her skills. It is located just 8 minute`s walk. You can get skills in programming, design, SMM and other fields of interest today at Hillel Computer School on 14/1 Mechnykova Street. By the way, not only courses for adults but also for children are open at the school. It may take more than 10 minutes to get to the College of Culture and Arts on 15 Lavra Street, so we recommend leaving your home a little earlier so as not to be late for classes.

For very young residents, there are Veselka and Sonechko preschool education facilities near the PHILADELPHIA Concept House.

Do you work at the Senator Business Centre? Leave your car in the underground parking of your building. You will be in the office in 6 minutes.

And if you are looking for where to eat, then choose the Bigoli Italian Restaurant on 7a Klovsky Decent or the Ukrainian cuisine at SHO on 18 Mechnykova Street. Il Molino and Pizzeria Napule, the place where you will be served pizza cooked following Italian recipe, are located in 8 minutes from the residential neighbourhood and in a 10-minutes walk from the building you will meet Georgian restaurant Shoti. Original French cuisine – Graine de Moutarde Restaurant – is just 10 minutes from your building.

And, of course, there are coffee shops near the PHILADELPHIA Concept House. The nearest one is in 2 minutes on 1 Serhiia Husovskoho Street.

Fresh vegetables, fruits, freshly baked bread can all be bought at Pecherskyi market. You just need to walk 6 minutes, check for yourself. GoodWine can be reached in more than 9 minutes. Wine for every taste, dairy products, groceries, sweets – a gastronomic paradise on 9 Mechnykova Street.

No matter what bank services you use, it will be convenient to get to its branch. Nearby are the Savings Bank, Alfa-Bank, PrivatBank, FUIB.

The PHILADELPHIA Concept House is located among Kyiv`s landmarks. The Kyevo-Pecherska Lavra, St. Vvedensky Monastery, Museum of Ukrainian Diaspora are the main architectural and cultural monuments near the residential complex. The ideal day for your weekends is to visit the exhibit held at the Mystetskyi Arsenal and then walk along the Park of Eternal Glory.

The PHILADELPHIA Concept House is a clubhouse. We also took it into account when choosing a location. Despite the location in the centre of Pecherskyi district, the building will have a quiet and cosy courtyard. Therefore, if you are downtown and want to live with like-minded people, you should definitely visit our sales team. Our managers have something to offer you. Address: 24A Zlatoustivska Street.


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Schools, kindergartens and cultural landmarks near PHILADELPHIA Concept House