Futuristic minimalism: what will be the interior of the main hall of the house


They say that the interior of the lobby should be a continuation of the facade of the house - to convey its mood, to repeat the color scheme and style of architecture. At PHILADELPHIA Concept House, this approach is especially felt.

The design of the main hall was created taking into account the concept of the facade - minimalism combined with a futuristic style, gray shades of materials, decorative elements with a mirror finish. But the exterior and interior are similar not only in appearance.

As well as on the façade, high quality materials and innovative solutions will be used in the decoration of the lobby, thanks to which an original light composition will appear in the hall of the house. It will be made according to the author`s sketches of the interior designers of the D`art studio.

The set composition will consist of rectangular LED lamps in a black profile. They will be fixed to the ceiling using flat metal strips. In addition to the main light, LED luminaires will have several shades of illumination. Warm white, turquoise and lilac will be programmed for different scenarios and will replace each other from a soft overflow of colors to a sharp and contrasting glow.

Everything related to architectural and interior lighting, we trust our partners from Expolight. We have extensive experience in cooperation, therefore, we plan to involve its specialists in the implementation of the light composition in the PHILADELPHIA Concept House lobby. The walls and floor will be finished with materials from Italian manufacturers: walls - gray tiles from Lea Ceramiche, floors - Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti tiles.

A separate lounge with a table and sofas is provided for residents and guests of the residential complex. Here you can wait for a taxi or meet with neighbors to discuss general issues. Among the manufacturers of upholstered furniture, the designers chose the Italian brand Novamobili and its Reef sofa model. The tables will be manufactured by Tonin Casa. Chairs of the "Celentano" model of Ukrainian production.

Floor lamps will also be installed in the lounge area. They will not only become a rational lighting solution, but also complement the lobby interior with futuristic details.

Want to know more about our home and public space design at PHILADELPHIA Concept House? Visit our sales department. Address: st. Antonovich, 44.


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Futuristic minimalism: what will be the interior of the main hall of the house