Creating PHILADELPHIA Concept House, we were inspired by the best practices of modern world architecture. That is why the building is distinguished by such recognizable and impressive appearance.

The main secret of its attractiveness is the use of a new technology for Ukraine: a metal-coated facade.

Another salient feature is large windows, almost from the ceiling to the floor. We use a special mirror coating of windows, which retains all visual qualities, but does not allow you to look into the building from the street. After all, privacy of our residents is one of the main values of the building.

Modern design solutions are embodied in public spaces. We are sure that comfort is created not only through well-thought-out ergonomics, but also through elegant aesthetics.

Thanks to striking architectural innovations, PHILADELPHIA Concept House will be the first building in Ukraine with a dynamic facade. This is a type of facade that changes its appearance depending on the angle of view.

We create a new symbol of modern Kiev architecture. This goal may be achieved only by combining the efforts of the best architects of the country.


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